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Dont question. The solution is often a resounding “Yes”! It is best to tip. If you go over a chartered and chaperoned dive through a commercial diving store, it is actually customary to idea the two the Captain as well as the DiveMaster. Gratuities are voluntary, incumbent with your generosity. Nevertheless, it is appropriate to supply a tip to your scuba crew.


If you're going out for one day, it is crucial to deliver some dollars around the boat for tipping. If you are diving Together with the similar DiveMaster and Captain for an entire week, it is suitable to provide a tip at the conclusion of the 7 MLB중계 days.

In case you are arranging a number of dives through a dive shop, you may not have the identical Captain or DiveMaster on Every single dive, so daily tipping is an improved thought Until you are particular that the crew might be regular for the entire length of the stay.

A single viewpoint is to check the roles of Captain and DiveMaster to other industries the place tipping is anticipated. Your Captain is analogous to some taxi driver, transporting you safely and securely to and from the scuba vacation spot.

A suitable tip for the taxi driver is 10% to fifteen% of the fare; a similar rate with the Captain is appropriate. On only one-tank dive for $65, your tip to the Captain https://en.search.wordpress.com/?src=organic&q=스포츠중계 need to be among $6 and $nine USD.

Your DiveMaster ought to be far more generously tipped with fifteen% – or even more, If your support was Fantastic. With a $sixty five one-tank dive, idea your DiveMaster concerning $eight and $twelve USD.

Never skimp your idea due to variations within the community currency. For anyone who is touring in a location using an embarrassingly favorable exchange amount, never reduce your tip Simply because the nearby financial state is reasonable. To a boat Captain in Florida, $15USD is an acceptable token of gratitude for a pleasant vacation.

Into a Captain in rural Honduras, $15USD is a generous reward. Give your generous gifts exactly where They may be most necessary to DiveMasters offering excellent service in economically challenged regions. Understand that some crews derive much, and from time to time nearly all, in their earnings from gratuities. Remain neat, and keep on diving!